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Tourisk Inc. provides analysis and advice to on how to plan and manage communities, fragile ecosystems and tourism destinations within a framework of sustainability. Based in Canada, the firm and its staff have project experience in over forty countries.

Key products include:
  • Participatory planning approaches for communities, protected areas, heritage sites and tourism destinations
  • Studies of the state of tourism, risks to key assets, methods of tourism management
  • Development and evaluation of standards
  • Sustainable tourism strategies and environmental management systems for destinations, institutions and enterprises
  • Indicators for sustainability at local, national and international scales
  • Carrying capacity and system sensitivity, particularly for fragile ecosystems and protected areas
  • Integrated planning strategies for communities and regions
  • Tourist management methods
  • Program evaluation methods and applications
  • Risk management based approaches to climate change for communities and tourism destinations
  • Accessibility Information Standards. Methods to better document and provide information on accessibility conditions for those who are older, physically challenged or have access concerns related to travel