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Tourisk staff have extensive experience worldwide in the design and delivery of workshops, participatory consultations and training. The organization focuses on hands-on training, ideally on-site where interactive problem solving can occur. Examples follow of our products and projects:

  • Executive courses in managing for sustainability, environmental accountability, greening operations, procurement, integrated planning for Canadian government and international clients.

  • Sustainable Development for Officials. For the Canadian School of the Public Service, provided senior government officials and professors of the Central Party School of Communist Party of China with training courses on sustainable development and environmental management and the means to integrate these into the school’s training curricula.

  • International Curriculum Developed international environmental management curriculum for Foundation for International Training and delivered custom programs in Malaysia, Romania, China, Turkey, and for ASEAN.

  • Environmental audit and accountability training programs for managers in government departments, including workshops on the auditing of results of environmental management systems and sustainable development strategies; including custom environmental management and environmental audit courses for officials of the governments of Romania, Argentina, China, Slovakia, Pakistan, Canada and Taiwan.

  • International training in planning and evaluation.; workshops/training on environmental management, program design, logical framework analysis and benefit/cost applications to public service, management institutes, and international clients.

  • Training of Trainers. Products include development and implementations of training of trainers programs for village enterprises in China and environmental outreach programs for over 100,000 Chinese entrepreneurs and officials. in such subjects as cleaner production, regional planning, environmental management, ISO 14000, integrated community based planning and management, sustainable tourism development and protection of fragile ecological systems, training evaluation protocols for programs of the Foundation for International Training for application to development training projects, workshops on training of trainers for workplace health and safety in Chongqing China.

  • Carrying Capacity in sensitive sites and regions; examples include workshops on carrying capacity for tourism in fragile systems and on sustainable tourism planning for government and institutional clients in Canada, USA, Maldive Islands, Pakistan, Mexico, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Chile, China, workshops in indicators of sustainability for UNWTO, UNEP, UNIDO.

  • Courses for International Agencies including courses in program planning and evaluation to managers from Black Sea and Danube nations for the World Bank/UNDP Global Environmental Facility, courses for Harvard International Eastern Europe in Environmental Management and Evaluation methods.

  • Evaluation Methods: Developed and implemented a program of evaluation for the senior management courses of the Canadian Centre for Management Development

  • Integration of Parks and Tourism. For Parks Canada, designed and facilitated workshops for senior managers on the integration of parks planning and tourism management.